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Today’s outfit (06/09/2015) 

Yesterday I was at Electric Picnic, so today being slightly zombie like after the 21 hour day (which wasn’t all that unusual when I worked at these gigs) that it was meant all I wanted was snuggly cuddly clothes.  

The cardi is from Fran&Jane, long sleeved tee is from Jack Wills, jeans are Levi’s Curve, and boots are New Look. 
Yesterday’s outfit consisted of wellies, jeans, comfy tee, hoody & jacket. No pic as I was in work all day before and, well, there was nothing exciting about it!! But I was so comfy, and warm as the temp dropped. 
‘Til next time……

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Musical Musings part 2

I’ve recently downloaded the Kodaline album (went for the delux version to get the acoustic versions of songs, as they’re often so beautiful), mainly because every song they release I love, so I figured it was worth it.

If you’ve never heard of them, please YouTube them, I would recommend keeping a pack of tissues nearby as most of their videos tend to give you a good kick in the emotions. Their two part video for “all I want“, oh man I was blinking like a crazy person to stop the tears from falling, especially for part two , biggest fear for cooper. So eh thanks to my friend Sharon who put these videos on her FB to start my day off with an emotional roller coaster!!

Give them an oul check, you won’t regret it!

‘Til next time……

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Recent listenings

I’ve recently been listening to the Imagine Dragons album Night Visions on repeat. Usual story, heard their song (Radioactive) in an ad, shazammed it, youtubed the song & loved the absolutely mental video, and a few other songs that were released after. My favourite is Bleeding Out, but I really recommend the album, it’s a cracking one to listen to in the car. Raging I missed them when they were here last but I will deffo be doing my best to get my hands on tickets next time!

‘Til next time….,.

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Today’s outfit (6/10/13)

This evening I get to go see Jay-Z & Timbaland in the O2 (Dublin) so I decided to wear something comfy enough for copious amounts of dancing, but was still pretty cool.


I wore this sparkle tee from Penneys, with a long black tank from Zoca Fitness underneath, my jeggings are from TopShop – uber comfy!, and my hidden wedge high tops are from Next. I topped it all off with a 3/4 sleeve “leather” bomber jacket from Penneys, and a taupe cross body slouchy bag with studding along the bottom from River Island.

I threw my lovely bracelets from Starlit Jewellery into the mix to add a bit of colour.


‘Til next time……

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Holidays & hang outs

So, apologies for no postings recently I’ve been on my holliers enjoying myself, and eating & drinking rings around myself! Good fun all round!

I’m not going to post about what I wore on holidays, well there will be two outfits, because I was there for 10 days & that’s a lot of outfits. So I will have a couple of outfits from holidays, and from things I’ve done since I’ve come home.

First up; I wore this outfit when sight-seeing – we went to the Titanic museum in Cherbourg, as its super comfy and looks very pretty at the same time. The white top is from A-Wear, I love the little chiffon flowers at the neckline – makes it a bit prettier than a normal tank/sleeveless tee. The skirt is from Zara – the rusty colour is such a good neutral to have for so many outfits, and it has pockets!! My little green satchel is from Penneys and the white espadrilles are from the local supermarket near where we were staying in France.


Second ensemble is what I wore for our (never ending) journey home, I wanted to be comfy for the train journey after the overnight boat. The striped top I picked up in Deacathlon – this absolutely amazing massive warehouse shop that sells everything because you cannot go to France & not pick up an authentic Breton tee! The jeans are from Levi’s curve range with the ends rolled up a few times & the espadrilles again are again from the local supermarket.


Third outfit is for when we went to the outdoor gig for Blur in the grounds of Kilmainham hospital, the week we came home. Having worked at far too many outdoor gigs in Ireland, and with the weather leading up to the gig being pretty manky I decided to play safe & keep dry. My boots are from Office – they’re ancient but you’ll probably get something similar elsewhere. The indigo jeggings are from TopShop, & white printed tee is from Lady Umbrella – have so many of their tees now, love their stuff. My yellow raincoat is from the souvenir shop at the Titanic museum in Cherbourg *hangs head in shame at buying clothes in a souvenir shop*, but I have been searching for a yellow rain coat forever, and I love how the cotton lining is striped. The satchel is as before.


Look four is an outfit for another goodbye drinks for a friend in The Grafton Lounge. The white blazer is from AWear – love the black lapel, gives it a bit of an edge. Underneath is a white tank is from TopShop, the gorgeous print skirt is from Promod (another sneaky holiday buy) – and it has pockets – starting to notice the thing for skirts/dresses with pockets is a bit strong! My shoes & large bangle are from Penneys, and the skull bag is from Fran&Jane .


Look five is from a birthday BBQ with himself’s family. My mint blazer is from Penneys, and the white v-neck tee (&navy cami underneath) is from H&M. The indigo skinnies are from Penneys, slippers are Jimmy Choo, and bag was my mums.



And lastly, look six. This one is one I wore just hanging out with my family. The grey cardi is from New Look, the polka dot top is from H&M – it has a ruffled neck & an elasticated nipped in waist & is super comfy but smart enough for work wear. The skinnies & leopard ballet flats are both from Penneys.


‘Til next time……

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Ticket prices

So tickets for Beyoncé went on priority sale this morn (via O2), and I put out feelers (asked my mum to use her priority status) to get my hands on a pair. They sold out in 15mins. I didn’t get any. But at a starting price of €74 (well probably closer to €80 when ticketmaster have added their credit card charge per ticket on) I’m not that bothered.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to see queen Bey strut her stuff but that is a fairly hefty price tag. I don’t think I’d pay that much for a snow patrol gig – and I am willing to pay a lot for a ticket to their gigs. I know tickets here in Ireland are generally a bit pricier than the rest of our European counterparts due to licensing issues etc but come on, €74?!? To start! I think that money is better going towards my deposit for a mortgage or even just going into savings.

Rant over.

‘Til next time……

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Gig goings

I’m sure you may have noticed that I like to talk about clothes, I can talk about them til I’m blue in the face, they’re my great love. If I had to pick a favourite it would be shoes. All types. And scarves. And handbags. Do accessories count as clothes? Oh I just cant pick!!! Can’t I just love them all equally?!?!?!???!? *sigh*

But my other dyed in the wool love is music. I can’t be without it, I constantly have music going on around me, and I love so many different types of music, & going to gigs. Gigs just get my blood pumping. There is nothing like it, singing along at the top of your voice, so much so you have no voice the next day. I love going to see up & coming bands as much as those who I own a vast range of their back catalogue.

I went to see an Irish band called Leaders of Men this eve in The Workmans Club and they were savage!! I love coming across music that is new to you & instantly liking it. This is a band that I will deffo be buying the album. They’re a five piece indie rock band, and I really think you should check them out of that’s your type of music, or even if it isn’t! Do it. Doooooooo iiiiitttttt! 😉

So there’s my musical enthusiasm for this week!

‘Til next time……

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Teenage screams

So, last night I got to see my teenage idols, fourteen a few years after I last saw them. These were the backstreet boys. I was a huge fan, that standard of size probably doesn’t even cover it. If twitter & Facebook & the Internet in many respects had been around then, my level of obsession may have been a bit more scary!!

Last night the venue was 90% women, felt a bit bad dragging himself along when I could have brought one of the girls, but I figured he’d be good for going to the bar & minding the spot when I would have to queue about four hours to go to the bathroom. When the boys men (and NKOTB deffo were men, men who liked to pump iron at that!) came on stage the screams were so loud I couldn’t hear anything!!! Seriously, if the energy from screams at a concert could be harnessed there would be no energy crisis!!!

I honestly still felt like a teenager, & part of me was a little disappointed when I wasn’t one of the four girls picked out of the crowd to be serenaded by the guys. Even though I prob would’ve cried my eyes out, and we all know that’s not a good look. Never mind the fact that I was standing at the back, so there was no chance for Brian, Nick, AJ or Howie to see me & fall in love with me. Coz you know that would happen.

So, my music will be updated with the songs I played repeatedly until the tape wore out. And then I bought them on cd. Kinda regretting getting rid of the CDs when I moved now…..on the computer is one thing, an actual physical cd is another…

Til next time……

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Musical memories

So, every morning I listen to “fully charged” on Spin1038 on my way to work, and they play three songs from the “noughties” (2000-2009) that bring up a lot of memories for me and all the other listeners.

And this got me thinking;
How so many songs can spark off feelings of happiness, reminders of really crappy times or just the memory of sun on your skin on that amazing holiday. I put my music on shuffle the other day & it pulled up selection that every song had a memory. Whether it was Jason Mraz that makes me think of being in a cramped bus on my way back from learning to surf in Byron Bay or Pat Benatar that always makes me think of road trips to Belfast or even (so VERY randomly) Rick Astley that always reminds me of random house parties after a long day at the Cois Fhairraige festival……

Music is a huge part of my life and who I am, and I would imagine a lot of other people. And I really hope to have many more memories from music over the years.

Til next time……

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