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Dry Shampoo Deliberations

I am a huge fan (huge, massive!) of dry shampoo. As someone who’s hair looks dirty on the day it’s been washed, and someone who is incredibly lazy and hates washing her hair every day (lets be honest!) they have been an absolute life saver. However some of them are far superior than others.

Before we get stuck in these are products that work/ don’t work for me. May work/not work for everyone.

My hair is fine in texture, but I have lots of it. And it gets oily very very easily – putting it behind my ears, smoothing, etc.

Boots own brand dry shampoo

Really reasonable price, nice smell but utterly useless on my hair. Does not blend properly and I was always left with white patches. Have resigned it to being my last resort. Would give it a 2/10.

Co Lab Dry Shampoo

This is a really good product. Lovely light texture, gave my hair a nice velvety feel, and minimal white before you rub it in- despite the contrary declaration on the can. It’s priced decently too ( around a fiver?). Only down fall is it isn’t quite heavy hitting enough for my hair, felt like I needed another blast if I was going anywhere in the everning. However is absolutely perfect for a freshen up (or preventative) before a night out. Would give it 7/10.

Aussie dry shampoo

Yes I know I reviewed a variant of this brand before but this is the big daddy of dry shampoo. This particular one is amazing, and my absolute go to. There is a lot of white when it’s sprayed, BUT it blends really really easily on. Hair has a good bit of texture and definitely has more volume (a win for my baby hair!). When brushing it out after you can deffo feel the texture. It’s so heavy hitting if you need to go for a second day of dry shampoo (I’m a docile for it so won’t judge) you barely need to top up. Downfall would be the price (around 6/7 Euro) and the fact that it’s not available everywhere. However Boots always seem to have a 3 for 2 or a 2 for €10 special on so I bulk buy then! Would give 9/10 for the price & availability.

The favourite still is Herbal Essences but I can’t seem to be able to get it anywhere anymore. Boo.

Also, I have been known to use talc as a stand in when I run out of dry shampoo – works just as well. I have light brown / dark blond hair – not sure if it would work on darker hair.

So there ya have it. If anyone else has a favourite dry shampoo they think I should try – pop it into the comments!!

‘Til next time……

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Honeymoon Happiness

We are just back from our honeymoon (we gave ourselves a few months after the wedding to unwind and really look forward to it – also, getting past Christmas beforehand was always gonna be a wise move!)

We went to St Lucia, after annoying the poor team in Trailfinders forever, and after some small hiccups chose the fabulous resort of Coconut Bay Beach.

After the 9hour flight from London we arrived to delicious 28degree heat (after leaving the snow in Dublin & London it was very welcome!!) and we were quickly in our resort – it is less than 5 minutes from the airport ( but we didn’t see more that 2 planes in 2 days, so it’s not in the main flight route). The team there greeted us with delicious cocktails and hot towels for our check in.

We had previously requested the adult only Harmony section of the resort and our room did not disappoint. Very comfortable beds, a large spacious room and a decent (if somewhat basic) bathroom.

(The view from our room on the evening we arrived)

Straight to the food (the most important!)

The resort has a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast is tasty, and offers a very large selection of western foods (pancakes, omelettes, waffles etc) as well as some delicious and local fresh fruits. Lunch we found to be under-whelming, and didn’t eat it there more than twice; we tended to eat from the Jerk Treehouse or Flip Flops. Dinner in the buffet was usually quite good – there were always loads of delicious fresh salads, different meats and fish (keeping S happy) and a counter with ribs / a roast lamb / etc which was good, while we were never blown away with flavours; it always was tasty.

In the resort there are 4 reservation only restaurants for dinner – Silk (Asian), Calabash (Caribbean), the Veranda (for the overflow from Calabash, with the same menu) and Capri (Italian).

We ate in Veranda during our first week, and were really looking forward to some authentic Caribbean food. What we were offered was a standard restaurant menu (surf & turf etc). The food was very tasty, but not what we were hoping for. What also lessened the experience was the fact that we were seated, and then ignored for nearly 30mins. A couple were seated after us, orders taken, and they seemed to have also gotten some sort of amuse bouche that we never got. Maybe they were on a different package to us, but still. There seemed to be too many, and yet not enough, staff on the section so that may have caused the confusion.

After the not so satisfactory experience in the Caribbean restaurant, we decided to give the Asian a miss but decided to try Capri a try during our second week – we always seemed to miss the window to make reservations on the day we wanted. Honestly it was so delicious, we wanted to eat there a second time for our last night but it was closed due to an event that was happening. I would highly recommend the Caesar salad (basic I know!) and S got delicious Mahi Mahi.

There is a dress code in all of the reservations of smart resort wear (chinos, collared shirts (no sports clothing) and closed toe shoes for men). S tended to wear chinos / chino shorts, deck shoes and either a shirt or a polo. I made a bit more of an effort on those nights with outfits like below;

All in all, we had a fabulous time, the staff were so friendly, they always had time for a joke & a chat – and always remembered you (we were the only Irish in the place, so that may have worked in our favour). I would recommend setting aside some money in the budget to do some of the tours. We only managed to to the Whale & Dolphins watching in our second week, and while we didn’t actually see any it was worth it so we could see some more of the island outside the resort.

We are already hoping to get back in a couple of years (once we’ve saved back up again!)

So in the meantime, I’ll have my memories

‘Til next time……

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Happiness is…

Yes, I’m terrible… bla bla bla… I have good intentions, but have had a draining year and the blog wasn’t priority. Forgive me? 

Have recently tried to re wire the brain to find joy in the little things. Tonight it’s hanging on the couch with himself, having a (bottle of) wine or two, and getting shnugs from the fur baby. Couldn’t ask for more. Oh! Actually, an excuse to look at Chris Evans for an hour or two?! Civil war let’s be having ya! 

Happy new year yis pack of rides!! 
‘Til next time…… 

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Art Deco Foundation trial 17/07/2016

So a friend of mine is lucky enough to be given some products to test & trial in her line of work. She got this foundation and it wasn’t the right shade for her, so I got to be the lucky guinea pig & test it for her! 

It has a fab old school dropper so you can’t take too much product out – something I am a divill for. I used a foundation brush to apply and it gave a really lovely light cover to my (never perfect) skin. To be honest I don’t feel like there’s actually anything on my face, which is prob good  in this heat. 
I’ll update this later this eve after its had a full days wear – and hopefully hasn’t melted off my face!! 
*** update!!! 

I didn’t put much powder on – in fact I only used whatever was loose in the lid. And my face is not anywhere near are oily as it should be (little bit around the nose) – esp on a melter of a day like it was today!! So this foundation is FAB!! Deffo a recommendation from me!! 
‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit 03/07/16

Having a day date with himself today so going for ladylike chic – it’s nice to dress up & now that I have a uniform in the new job I don’t associate these clothes with work anymore. 

Striped tee, pencil skirt & leopard print ballet flats are all h&m, beads are Chanel. 
‘Til next time……

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Terrible typist*…

Yeah so I’m terrible at this, whoops! With starting the new job before Christmas and the house &/ dog taking up all of my time (& money) I don’t get to snap my ensembles all that much. But I am getting into the swing of the job (exceeding targets by my 3rd month which is fairly awesome!!)

So with the seasons moving into summer (& hopefully some decent weather), all I can think of are bright colours and patterns – especially since I can only wear black & white in work!! Looking forward to wearing my high waisted skirts with cute tees, or getting my hands on some fab patterned dresses – like the new stock Bow & Pearl have in. My go to colours are the obvious Royal and cornflower blue, daffodil yellow (strong but not overpowering) and pistachio/mint green! These are fab with so many other colours and provide a great contrast too! 
So there ya are…
‘Til next time……

*or just terrible at writing a blog because I have no attent…oooh something shiny….

Outfit of the day 19/02/2016

We went to a wedding in Tulfarris last weekend so the glad rags were pulled out 

Dress from Ted Baker in Kildare Village, bag borrowed from my sister, shoes from Penneys, jewellery from Tiffanys, DKNY, Stonechat and vintage. 

Ta da! 

‘Til next time……

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New beginnings

I’m starting a new job next month, so will have to reasses my work wardrobe – currently trackie bottoms & hoodies/jeans & a tee – advantage of working in a sports shop, to something a bit more professional looking!! I have begun my attempt of grown of dressing with these beauties from Clarks; 

Yes, they’re pewter. So still managing to be my weird & preppy self!! My sister bought a pair of petrol green (or was it emerald? Either way, a lovely dark green!) a year or so ago & I was fairly resistant to them-reminiscent of school shoes, calling her a hipster etc. But jokes on me, I’ve been thinking about them since!! Curses!! So there we go, my new smart shoes for my new smart job!! 

Wish me luck!! 
‘Til next time……

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Aussie dry shampoo test

As someone who generally has to use dry shampoo on a daily basis – owner of thin hair = limp, lifeless & meh looking even when I’ve been blow drying it upside down until all the blood is in my head! So dry shampoo gives my gruaig (hair) a bit of ooomph.

I’ve been using Batiste forever (since 2006!) and have tried other brands & found them too expensive for the size of the can/result that’s the same as the Batiste, or useless (that’d be the Boots own brand, did nothing!) so when I saw Aussie had brought a range out I got very excited!! They’re a little more expensive than the Batiste, but as someone who bulk buys in Boots (slight fan of their special offers!) the money usually works out the same!


Gave this one a go, and I am in luuuurrrrrvvveee!!
The process is super simple, spray on, rub in, brush out! It doesn’t dull the shine of my hair, and you don’t have that powdery residue left that has to be wiped off with a cloth that I always get with Batiste. No matter how much I rub it in it’s always there! Always. And! It gives my hair a bit of a lift too! PLUS!! My hair smells Ah-mazing!!

So I will deffo be buying this from now on!

‘Til next time……

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Smarty smarts…

I’m sure I’m not the first to come with this, and if it’s even a smart plan to put it online or not…but anyway! So many people have iPhones, smart phones, blackberrys, whatever, these days. And most of these have personalised locking codes. What happens if you have an accident/get knocked unconscious & your next of kin is needed to be contacted?! Android & apple should have a designated emergency section in their settings where you put in three numbers so if your phone is locked and it’s selected to ring emergency contact #1, and then it offers #2 & 3 if 1 can’t be contacted, from the locked screen.

Does that make sense to anyone else?!

Anyway, brain wave over…ooooh sparkles!!

‘Til next time……

*amendment 29/11/2014*

I must be psychic or something! Because having done my update on my iPhone to whatever iOS were at at the moment, I discovered there is now a “medical id” in the “emergency” choice in the locked screen. Clever work apple, slow, but you eventually got there *cheeky face*

‘Til next time……

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