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Honeymoon Happiness

We are just back from our honeymoon (we gave ourselves a few months after the wedding to unwind and really look forward to it – also, getting past Christmas beforehand was always gonna be a wise move!)

We went to St Lucia, after annoying the poor team in Trailfinders forever, and after some small hiccups chose the fabulous resort of Coconut Bay Beach.

After the 9hour flight from London we arrived to delicious 28degree heat (after leaving the snow in Dublin & London it was very welcome!!) and we were quickly in our resort – it is less than 5 minutes from the airport ( but we didn’t see more that 2 planes in 2 days, so it’s not in the main flight route). The team there greeted us with delicious cocktails and hot towels for our check in.

We had previously requested the adult only Harmony section of the resort and our room did not disappoint. Very comfortable beds, a large spacious room and a decent (if somewhat basic) bathroom.

(The view from our room on the evening we arrived)

Straight to the food (the most important!)

The resort has a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast is tasty, and offers a very large selection of western foods (pancakes, omelettes, waffles etc) as well as some delicious and local fresh fruits. Lunch we found to be under-whelming, and didn’t eat it there more than twice; we tended to eat from the Jerk Treehouse or Flip Flops. Dinner in the buffet was usually quite good – there were always loads of delicious fresh salads, different meats and fish (keeping S happy) and a counter with ribs / a roast lamb / etc which was good, while we were never blown away with flavours; it always was tasty.

In the resort there are 4 reservation only restaurants for dinner – Silk (Asian), Calabash (Caribbean), the Veranda (for the overflow from Calabash, with the same menu) and Capri (Italian).

We ate in Veranda during our first week, and were really looking forward to some authentic Caribbean food. What we were offered was a standard restaurant menu (surf & turf etc). The food was very tasty, but not what we were hoping for. What also lessened the experience was the fact that we were seated, and then ignored for nearly 30mins. A couple were seated after us, orders taken, and they seemed to have also gotten some sort of amuse bouche that we never got. Maybe they were on a different package to us, but still. There seemed to be too many, and yet not enough, staff on the section so that may have caused the confusion.

After the not so satisfactory experience in the Caribbean restaurant, we decided to give the Asian a miss but decided to try Capri a try during our second week – we always seemed to miss the window to make reservations on the day we wanted. Honestly it was so delicious, we wanted to eat there a second time for our last night but it was closed due to an event that was happening. I would highly recommend the Caesar salad (basic I know!) and S got delicious Mahi Mahi.

There is a dress code in all of the reservations of smart resort wear (chinos, collared shirts (no sports clothing) and closed toe shoes for men). S tended to wear chinos / chino shorts, deck shoes and either a shirt or a polo. I made a bit more of an effort on those nights with outfits like below;

All in all, we had a fabulous time, the staff were so friendly, they always had time for a joke & a chat – and always remembered you (we were the only Irish in the place, so that may have worked in our favour). I would recommend setting aside some money in the budget to do some of the tours. We only managed to to the Whale & Dolphins watching in our second week, and while we didn’t actually see any it was worth it so we could see some more of the island outside the resort.

We are already hoping to get back in a couple of years (once we’ve saved back up again!)

So in the meantime, I’ll have my memories

‘Til next time……

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