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Outfit of the day 25/12/15

Yes it’s a little late but I’ve been too busy, eeeehhhh, eating….. And working! Yes!! I’ve been working too! Ah the joys of the service industry!! 

Black courts (not really seen) are from Penneys / Primark, tulle skirt is from Cari’s Closet (sale for €20!!), black cardi is from Oasis, beads are Chanel, watch is DKNY, and ring is antique.

Christmas Day was its usual whirlwind of visiting and jamming as much into it as possible, before being able to take off the nice clothes & put on your jammies because (in the words of Regina George) “this is all that fits me right now”. 


‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit 23/05/2015

Sliiiiiightly delayed, but sure, here we are now!

Himself’s brother turned 30 over the weekend, so there was a big party in one of the local pubs for it, so a glammed up outfit was required!! 

Not the best picture, but the mirror is too close to my bed, and we fairly had to wedge it onto the nails so there was no chance of my taking it down for a better angle! 

White blazer – with black lapels, is from AWear, purple shift dress from New Look, black heels from Penneys, with a black & white clutch from Onyx in Blackrock Shopping Centre.  

For my hair I went for a slightly curly blow dry with lots of volume in the roots (my local salon Zinc Hair & Beauty did it perfectly!) so it stayed in shape all night.  

My make up consisted of a smokey brown eye, strong brows, (hopefully) dewy skin & a pale lip. 
Base: Mac – prep + prime “skin refined treatment soin”, Stila ” one step correct” & “stay all day” foundation & concealer, & Natural Collection pressed powder 

Cheeks: Nars blusher in “orgasm”, no7 blusher in “coral flush”, Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compact in “rose” & La Perla bronzer. 

Eyes & brows: Stila ‘in the know’ shadow palette – used wind, desert, clay & rain, Nars duo in “cordura”, Rimmel wonder’ful mascara (waterproof, black), Benefit ‘show offs!’ in “candi”, & Rimmel eyebrow pencil in “hazel” 

Lips – Lancôme juicy tube (not sure which colour, but it’s a pale shimmery pink)

‘Til next time 

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Delectable distractions

So recently I’ve been a bit distracted & not giving my blog it’s deserving attention! Apologies for that!

But I have recently become an aunt for the first time so I hope you can forgive the radio silence! My time has most recently been spent going to London to spend time with my sister before she had her baby, and have an afternoon tea/ baby shower for her. With baby showers being a fairly new thing in Ireland I wasn’t entirely sure what i was needed to do decorations or games wise, but Pinterest saved the day. I am a fairly late convert to this wondrous app & it’s fair to say I’m fairly obsessed.

Any who, so this has taken up my time. This and getting a furry baby of my own – myself & himself have gotten a puppy. He is a wee terror but we can’t help but adore him. Training has begun so wish me luck with that. And while he’s chewing every pair of shoes and trousers I wear, my outfits have become more practical for the moment, but ensemble fabulousness will resume shortly!

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (01/09/13)

I’m spending the day hanging out with himself today, bit of a day date, so I felt like putting on something nice for it.



I may have put this together around this mint green blazer from Penneys, I love it. It’s so very comfortable & it really goes with so much. It works as a great contrasting colour and as a complimentary colour too. The white tank is from H&M, it’s super long – I’ve tucked it into the pocket of my jeans because it looked a bit untidy hanging down under the blazer, but is perfect length over my leather leggings. I’ve put a dark purple tank from Jack Wills just to stop my bra being visible underneath, and to soften the white a bit. The jeans are from Levi’s curve range, they’re a great purpley-blue (himself works with colours & says its a cobalt blue, but it’s a dull cobalt), and I picked them up in the outlet in Kildare Village & they are so very comfy!! My flowery pumps are from Penneys, and my fab wrist cuff & bracelets are from Starlit Jewellery, my new weakness for accessories!

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (31/8/13)

Last night I was at my cousins hen night in Avon Rí, so I went with this outfit;


Dress I got on sale in Debenhams – the label is Jasper Conran, shoes are from LK Bennett – I’ve spoken about them in another blog, and my pink clutch is from Penneys.

‘Til next time……

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There are some realisations that I’ve come to recently that have forced gently nudged me to wise up to the fact that life is short. I am not indestructible. This didn’t come about from one incident, this has been building in my mind for a while now & it has become my new philosophy/mantra/whatever. Life is short, enjoy it. I’m not saying to go out and spend all your money on crap, or to eat all the bad food ( ALL OF IT!) you can get your hands on. What I’m saying is that I’ve come to the realisation that sometimes doing what you want is good. But mainly it’s about telling your friends & family how much you love & appreciate them, making time for you – whether it’s sitting & listening to your favourite music, watching a beloved film, or going for a walk, or enjoying all that life has to offer.

I for one will be spending a lot more time with my parents and siblings – because they’re just plain awesome – & as much time with my friends as possible, doing things with himself now rather than in the future, jumping in puddles as much as I can, not giving a shit if my clothes get dirty coz I’m having silly fun (this doesn’t really bother me that much anyway) and just being happy in general. This is my philosophy, I’m not trying to tell anyone else what to do, but I will be doing what makes me happy as much as possible and making memories to make me smile when I can’t get away with shenanigans like this anymore.

So there.

‘Til next time……

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Family Fashion

So myself & the family went away over the October bank holiday weekend, to celebrate my dad’s birthday. The eight of us all trekked across country (a couple crossing the pond too!) to the beautiful wilds of Connemara. Firstly I love the remoteness of being out there, there’s minimal phone signal, and it is proper countryside! I would go mental after a week though, you have to drive everywhere, can’t just stroll to the shops or the local! Guess I’m too much of a city girl!

Anyway so we had a couple of family dinners planned while we were there so I needed to bring some nice clothes instead of the usual jeans, tees, cardies that I wear around my family. But for the travelling I stayed comfy as.


I’ll start at the top. The pink furry fleecy hat is from my local sports shop (it’s an independent, so no website unfortunately), & cowl-scarf is from my old favourite Penneys. The wax jacket & long sleeved stripey top are from Jack Wills, & jeggings are from Topshop. My sheepskin boots are from Canterbury Sheepskin, I bought them while I was in New Zealand four years ago – they’re still knocking about!- and need to replace them ASAP & the company finally has an online store! Yipeee!! I fold the boots down (they’re long length) as they’re just not long enough for my legs, and the top hits the wrong place making my legs look not so good! My bag was my mums. She bought it while she was living in Paris, so it is such a good piece that has stood the test of time!


Fancy outfit uimher a haon (number 1) is what I wore for the full fancy pants family dinner. I kept my make up and hair simple with this as I felt the skirt was so dramatic all by itself! The sequinned shoulder jumper is from F&F at Tesco. It’s a good few years old but I love it, and it’s simple & yet striking enough to be worn causal & dressy. The pink midi length is the one I mentioned previously from Fran&Jane. It is super comfy & has a slight stretch to it so you can sit & move around easily! Shoes I got from a friend, no idea where they’re from, but any court or peep-toe heel would work with an outfit like this. Lastly, the bag I’ve mentioned before but is from an independent bag shop in Blackrock (Co.Dublin) called Onyx, have it about 2.5years and get a lot of use from it.


My other fancy outfit consists of my flamingo print dress that I mentioned before from Penneys, my shoes are from New Look. Shoe boots are so diff to get right – they can often sit at the wrong point of your ankle causing your legs to look stumpy. I love the neutral colour of these & the lace up detail. The bag is the same clutch from my other outfit.

So once again I ramble on about clothes. Can’t help it, I love them so!

‘Til next time……

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Sunshine = smiles

So, summer has finally arrived in Ireland. Well, as much of a summer as we can have. For example, today we had amazing weather, sunshine, clear skies, that little bit of a sea breeze that makes sitting out all the more bearable. Now we had a high of 17degrees celcius. Which is pretty pathetic when you see Brisbane (Australia) has lows of 20-22 degrees in WINTER!! But when you compare it to the gale force winds & torrential rain we had yesterday, and the fact I had to put on the heating. In June. June. Heating. What the funk is going on?!?!?!?!??

I decided since th weather was nice today, I’d go & do the bits of shopping I’ve been putting off for about 2months now for a wedding we’re going to next week. Town was grand, apart from all the lunatics on the roads. It’s almost like the general consensus today was “hey it’s a bank holiday I don’t need to drive like a sane person!”. But I didn’t let it bother me because it is SUNNY!!! I even got a (free) parking space near where I wanted to be! WIN!! The shopping area was super busy, so my impatient super speedy shopping skills were kicked up into turbo drive! On the plus side, I got all I needed AND I got to sit in my parents back garden afterwards in the sun & eat!! So sunshine = awesome days!

Keep em coming mother nature!!!

Til next time……

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