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Today’s outfit (13/9/13)

So today (Friday the 13th, dundundun…) I went to the wedding of a really good friend. I decided to wear my favourite dress for the day. The cherry print 1950s style dress & white petticoat underneath are from Pretty Kitty Fashion, and it is incredibly comfortable. I’m a huge fan of this style, and if you wanted more choice in this style, check out Dollydagger Boutique too. I nipped in the waist with a green belt that came on a different dress – a red ribbon came with the dress but I wanted something a bit more simple. My green wedges & lace shoulder cardigan are both from Penneys, and my fab red patent clutch is from Fran&Jane .


‘Til next time……

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It’s back!

So the sun has reappeared, yay! I for one will be furiously tearing my wardrobe apart trying to find my work appropriate shorts & skirts in a bid to get as much sun on my skin as possible before it disappears behind a cloud!

I have guilted himself into many a walk, but when the rain returns I will be so happy I got myself out there. Sunshine is for lying in the park on your lunch break, spending time with friends (in the beer garden? Well if you insist!) and smiling at everyone. Because that’s what happens here in Ireland, we may whinge about it being too hot (I don’t know who those people are, btw) but a bit of sunshine does wonders for the mood for the entire country. If our government decided to do the budget now, I think everyone would take it a bit easier – if they cared at all!

And for the first time in ages, when we refer to the summer of 2013, we can’t joke that it “was a Tuesday, in May”.


‘Til next time……

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There are some realisations that I’ve come to recently that have forced gently nudged me to wise up to the fact that life is short. I am not indestructible. This didn’t come about from one incident, this has been building in my mind for a while now & it has become my new philosophy/mantra/whatever. Life is short, enjoy it. I’m not saying to go out and spend all your money on crap, or to eat all the bad food ( ALL OF IT!) you can get your hands on. What I’m saying is that I’ve come to the realisation that sometimes doing what you want is good. But mainly it’s about telling your friends & family how much you love & appreciate them, making time for you – whether it’s sitting & listening to your favourite music, watching a beloved film, or going for a walk, or enjoying all that life has to offer.

I for one will be spending a lot more time with my parents and siblings – because they’re just plain awesome – & as much time with my friends as possible, doing things with himself now rather than in the future, jumping in puddles as much as I can, not giving a shit if my clothes get dirty coz I’m having silly fun (this doesn’t really bother me that much anyway) and just being happy in general. This is my philosophy, I’m not trying to tell anyone else what to do, but I will be doing what makes me happy as much as possible and making memories to make me smile when I can’t get away with shenanigans like this anymore.

So there.

‘Til next time……

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Messings & meet ups

So I had a fairly busy week this week, with catch ups & things to be done. I love being busy, now I love my chill out time, but there’s nothing like having a plan too.

Last Saturday was a night out for my friend’s birthday. And as is my tradition I went whole hog with the glamour & dolling myself up. I wore these leather effect leggings from American Apparel (I’ve mentioned them before), still love the fact they’re a medium!! Yes they’re super stretchy but they’re a MEDIUM!!! The grey tunic/dress is from Zara, I’ve had it a few years now, and have gotten so much use from it. It’s possibly one of the comfiest dresses I own, I’m never worried about my cleavage or my tum in it, and that’s why I wanted to wear it out. I teamed this with my quilted bag & whopper heels both from Penneys. Again they’re both a few years old but there are very similar styles of shoes out at the moment. They are about 5inches and make me even more of a giant but because of the platform under the toes they’re super comfy. I call them my dancing shoes, and one advantage I discovered (or recovered) is when you’re a giant, people move out of the way! Yipeee!! With the outfit being so simple I could get away with massive ear-rings, so massive I had to take them off before the end of the night because they hurt my ears! So I back combed the shizz out of my hair, threw it into a messy ponytail & went hell for leather (hehehe) for the rock chick look (lots of eyeliner & mascara to finish it off).


On my day off I got some Christmas shopping done, so that was all about the comfort. I wasn’t going to be trying on (that was the plan anyway) so I didn’t need to have easy to remove clothing. I went with this long sleeved white top from H&M, with this very cute short sleeved green jacket from A-wear (it’s ancient, bought it for a fiver in the sales, a fiver!!), comfy jeans from Levi’s (from their curve range, which I’ve discussed before), & Converse on my feets. My accessories are the blue skull scarf from Fran & Jane, handbag was my mums, and cosy hat from Roxy – I bought it in Australia so not sure if it was available here, but there are deffo similar versions around. I spruced up my look with some pink lippy, I used the no2 from Kate Moss for Rimmel, love the colour & it works for day & night. So I was comfy & cozy to battle the shops.


Yesterday I met up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while so could go low key while still looking nice. I wore (from the feet) flowery ballet pumps from Penneys, jeans (as before) from Levi’s, long sleeved grey top from Bond Australia (bought in Target, I miss Target), with coral coloured top under from Cotton On (again bought in Australia, but they now have an online store or similar tees are available elsewhere – Gap is always good for them!), with my cosy cardigan from Fran & Jane (or coatigan as the girls were calling it last night) on top. To make myself feel a bit more glammed up I wore some red lippy – cannot beat a nice red lippy – from Benefit (colour is “frenched”), and did a Katniss style plait in my hair.


So that’s my week in catch ups & birthdays.

‘Til next time…..,

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BFB (Before FaceBook)

A very old friend of mine (she’s not old, she’s been friends with me, for over 14years! Just to clear that up…) had her hen over the weekend. And one of her bridesmaids mailed me to look for old pictures, silly stories, the usual.

So I had a good root through all my photos that I have here in the apartment, and I found four. FOUR!!! I thought this was a bit pathetic considering how long we’ve been friends, ok we’ve drifted over the last few years, but I honestly thought there’d be more. Which got me thinking, we are friends from a time before digital cameras, before social media, from *whispers* before the internet. Wow I feel old saying that. If you wanted photos, you either had a proper camera with film that you loaded in, or a disposable camera. And you had to get the photos processed before you could see them!

I was always the one with the camera (still am!) for nights out, birthday parties etc, so I have many embarrassing amazing photos from pre 2004. So looking through these for the hen made me realise how crap we all looked!! Or was that just me?!? Especially the early teen years!! I mean, we had no clue, zero, about how to pose, how to do our hair, what to wear even! (the late teens and early twenties were slightly better, not much, but getting there!) And I’m glad.

I’ve worked a lot of nights in clubs and bars doing events, and I would see so many girls that would spend the night taking photos of themselves & giving out that their arms/tummy/hair/legs looked weird (they didn’t) or not enjoying themselves coz they might mess their hair or make up!! Screw that! Now, so many of my photos are now made up of myself & my friends being silly. Which is far more fun. Social media is amazing for keeping up to date with whats happening in the lives of friends and family. Especially in this day & age when so many people have had to move all over the world because of the economy. I know I relied on it while I was travelling Thailand & Australia. My point is, enjoy life, and make memories, you’ll be glad you did.

Til next time……

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