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Outfit of the day 20/09/2015

Today I was on a quick fire round trip to London to meet my new nephew (& hopefully get a cuddle with his older brother & my sister in at the same time!) so comfy was high on priority list!!


(Excuse the airport bathroom mirror selfie, didn’t think himself would appreciate the light being put on at 5am for a mirror selfie!)

Blanket cape is from Oasis (Spring 2015 – but they’ve very similar ones in at the moment!), checked shirt is men’s from Tommy Hilfiger – love a mans shirt as they’re so much longer & better across the shoulders (& bust), long tanks (grey & dark purple) are both from Jack Wills, dark indigo jeans are from Levis Curve, ankle boots are from New Look, orange bag is Longchamp & my watch is DKNY.

And these are the amazing products that made me look human at 5am & stayed put until I got home at 1am -after a delayed flight! (The 17 blusher is actually one I use for eyeshadow as it doesn’t suit on my cheeks) 
‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit 23/05/2015

Sliiiiiightly delayed, but sure, here we are now!

Himself’s brother turned 30 over the weekend, so there was a big party in one of the local pubs for it, so a glammed up outfit was required!! 

Not the best picture, but the mirror is too close to my bed, and we fairly had to wedge it onto the nails so there was no chance of my taking it down for a better angle! 

White blazer – with black lapels, is from AWear, purple shift dress from New Look, black heels from Penneys, with a black & white clutch from Onyx in Blackrock Shopping Centre.  

For my hair I went for a slightly curly blow dry with lots of volume in the roots (my local salon Zinc Hair & Beauty did it perfectly!) so it stayed in shape all night.  

My make up consisted of a smokey brown eye, strong brows, (hopefully) dewy skin & a pale lip. 
Base: Mac – prep + prime “skin refined treatment soin”, Stila ” one step correct” & “stay all day” foundation & concealer, & Natural Collection pressed powder 

Cheeks: Nars blusher in “orgasm”, no7 blusher in “coral flush”, Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compact in “rose” & La Perla bronzer. 

Eyes & brows: Stila ‘in the know’ shadow palette – used wind, desert, clay & rain, Nars duo in “cordura”, Rimmel wonder’ful mascara (waterproof, black), Benefit ‘show offs!’ in “candi”, & Rimmel eyebrow pencil in “hazel” 

Lips – LancĂ´me juicy tube (not sure which colour, but it’s a pale shimmery pink)

‘Til next time 

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Today’s outfit (03/05/2015)

For himself’s birthday I took him to Carton House as part of his present, we aren’t going to get away this year – money pit of a house will do that, but totally worth it!, so I wanted to give him (& us) a wee treat. 

For his birthday dinner I wore this gorgeous blue print dress from U Fashion, I’d bought it before Christmas and couldn’t close it, so it was my goal to fit into it! Yay me! My nude high heel pumps are from Penneys, and my jewellery is a mixture of vintage and gifts. 

I also gave some new make up a go: foundation & ‘one step’ primer from Stila, and this Rimmel mascara which is amazing! One coat of the mascara is perfect for daytime, but for evening I like a bit more drama so two coats was perfect! The brush is perfect for getting right into the base of the lashes  


‘Til next time……

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Stila lippy test

So Santa brought me this gorgeous lippy from Stila – which was very exciting as I was always, always, a Stila girl until they pulled out of Ireland & the UK. They’ve reappeared recently into some shops, so that makes me very very happy!



So I decided to test out the wearability of it on a day of constant chatting, with high levels of eating & drinking.

Firstly I found the wand to be a bit flimsy. On a paler colour where it wouldn’t be so obvious that you’d gone outside the lines a bit it probably wouldn’t have bothered me so much. But with red, where you have to have the lines absolutely perfect or else you end up like Miranda Sings, I wasn’t so impressed.

With some (very) careful application I was really impressed with the colour. And it smelled Ah-mazing. It felt really velvety and soft – so many lipsticks can dry out the lips.

Santa was told that the colour wouldn’t budge, and it didn’t. I had to reapply once as I accidentally wiped some off, but other than that initial wear the colour stayed strong.

One thing I did notice about it was that the colour really deepened as the day went on. It started off as a bright red, like a fire engine, and after six or so hours it had developed into a deep burgundy colour. Didn’t really bother me, as the colour was so consistent throughout the day, but just found it a bit strange.

So my verdict is:
– great colour
– great longevity
– great wear
– terrible wand for application
– strange deepening colour

I would recommend it, and wear it again as the positives definitely outweigh the teeny tiny negatives.

Santa bought me a different lippy & some gorgeous eyeshadows so I will be trying them out very soon.

‘Til next time……
**update** 27/05/2015

I gave this lippy another go over the weekend, figured maybe I hadn’t blotted properly last time or something, but the weird darkening happened again. The original layer was perfect but wore off from cups/glasses/cutlery so had to be reapplied, and that’s when the colour started to darken. Have used other red lipsticks with numerous re applications and this never happened. Odd. 
Again, ’til next time……

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