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Wedding prep…

So following my theme/ habit of a lifetime where I like to make things difficult, I am trying to extend my house and plan a wedding at the same time. Now in my defence, the application for remortgage went in last September (and the build started 4 weeks ago) – and we’re still fighting with the bank…….the less said on that the better because the rage that will follow is not something I wish to inflict on you lovely people! 
Planning a wedding! Yay!

I am lucky that I worked as a wedding coordinator for two very busy hotels, so I was able to know who I wanted straight off the bat & what type of wedding we would want. 
Things I learned as a wedding co-ordinator;

1 Your photographer is incredibly important, and prob the second booking you need to make (after your venue of course) as soon as you book your date. This person will be there from the prep to the 1st dance, catching all those special glances and moments. They need to be invisible and as stealthy as a cat but still smack bang in the middle so they catch the bold face a page boy pulls or the slight trip by the bride as she walks up the aisle – we all know this will be me! So do the research, take the time to look at style, and talk to them! Because if you can’t have the craic with them those smiles will always look forced! 

Two photographers I worked with loads were Elaine Barker and Alan Dunne, and would highly recommend both. 

2 It’s your day. Repeat after me. It’s your day. When the “suggestions” become overwhelming, let that become your mantra – but don’t slip into tyrant territory! No one wants to be the absolute horror story of a bride / groom that becomes the urban legend. So make the day you want, because you’re spending a fortune on it, you’d better enjoy it!  

3 Do not buy your wedding outfit with the expectation you will lose weight. You might. You might not. But you are marrying the person who loves you, warts & all. So don’t put yourself under that level of pressure. Planning a wedding is tough enough without being hangry all the time. Wear whatever makes you feel sensational! 

4 All anyone cares about it the food and the fun (usually influenced by the amount of drink!) so if you need to decide between favours for everyone or giving them all an extra glass of wine – pick wine. Always pick wine! Of course there will be oohs & aahs over the lovely room – because of course the venue you picked is fabulous! – but if the food is meh…yeah, you don’t want that. 

5 Enjoy it! You are embarking on a fun adventure with the person you love, and that’s all that’s important! 

So yeah, there we are! 
‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 19/02/2016

We went to a wedding in Tulfarris last weekend so the glad rags were pulled out 

Dress from Ted Baker in Kildare Village, bag borrowed from my sister, shoes from Penneys, jewellery from Tiffanys, DKNY, Stonechat and vintage. 

Ta da! 

‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 27/09/2014

Slightly late in getting this online, but better late than never right?! Saturday the 27th was the wedding of one of himself’s best friends, so the glad rags were pulled out & the make up was piled on!


With everything that we’ve had going on with the house I didn’t have a spare chance to go looking for something new to wear (lack of funds also had a high influence!) so I raided my sister’s wardrobe for a dress. And came up trumps with this beauty! The dress is from Monsoon, cardigan from Dunnes Stores, and shoes & clutch are from Penneys.

Make up was fairly natural with a strong brown smokey eye & nude lips, and hair was straightened, the top part volumised & clipped back.

So there ya go!!
‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (13/9/13)

So today (Friday the 13th, dundundun…) I went to the wedding of a really good friend. I decided to wear my favourite dress for the day. The cherry print 1950s style dress & white petticoat underneath are from Pretty Kitty Fashion, and it is incredibly comfortable. I’m a huge fan of this style, and if you wanted more choice in this style, check out Dollydagger Boutique too. I nipped in the waist with a green belt that came on a different dress – a red ribbon came with the dress but I wanted something a bit more simple. My green wedges & lace shoulder cardigan are both from Penneys, and my fab red patent clutch is from Fran&Jane .


‘Til next time……

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Wedding outfit

So, I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m heading to a wedding this weekend, so wanted to show off my ensemble!

Coral full length dress is from fantastic Irish boutique Fran & Jane, I took the sash that came with it off & have a skinny gold belt from Penneys (Primark in the UK) to wear instead. The dress also has pockets, which I LOVE, somewhere to hide bread rolls for later keep my phone so I don’t have to carry my bag with me all the time. I also wanted to make it very bright & summery, so decided to colour clash my accessories with it by using turquoise instead of trying to match the coral or bronze detailing, as that can sometimes go very wrong! Also, by styling it this way, I can change the look up should I want to wear it again (which I will!).

High heeled peep toes are from department store Debenhams, bag is from Awear, wrap is from Monsoon Accessorize, as are the gold earrings (not pictured). But since this is Ireland, and it’s currently raining & prob gonna stay that way I have a blazer in a similar colour to the wrap to keep my shoulders & arms dry & warm!



Til next time……

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