Outfit of the day 08/05/2019

So May in Dublin has returned to the manly, dirty, grey & rainy winter weather so I am trying to coax the sunshine back with bright colours & floral print.

Yellow cardigan – Oasis

Floral blouse (is actually sleeveless) – H&M, it’s a couple of seasons old, but they always do great basics

My poor flats have finally dried out here (yes that lovely light is from an electric heater at my desk!) but I think they’re at the end of their course! ☹️

(They’re H&M too if anyone is wondering!)

‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 26/04/2019

We headed to London for my sisters birthday this weekend. She was having a grown up party in her house so any excuse to go glam that’s what I did!

Top – Savida in Dunnes Stores (it has really cute little buttons and adjustable straps)

Skirt – Fee G bought in Kilkenny Shop, but her pieces are available in loads of boutiques all over the country

Shoes – Dunnes Stores, but I bought them last year so not sure if still available

Bag – Fran & Jan, but I’ve had it forever

Jewellery wise I wore beautiful sparkly earrings from Waterford Crystal and a long necklace from Juvi as well as my usual vintage and wedding rings.

Got my hair done by the great team in Cutwalk Hair & Beauty in Kingston Upon Thames, and the lovely girls in Benefit in Bentalls.

‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 20/04/2019

After a lovely stay in Lyrath Estate, and the fact the sun was beaming today I thought it was a good idea to pull out the sunshine wardrobe.

Dress is from H&M last summer, but there are plenty of similar ones out – very similar ones in Penneys at the moment

Runners are from Gant (again last summer, but white canvas runners are always out!)

Green satchel is from Zatchels

Head scarf is Penneys

Glasses are Powder, bought in Kilkenny Shop

‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 19/04/2019

We headed to Lyrath Estate (amazing hotel, phenomenal food) as part of my MILs birthday so a family dinner was obviously on the cards.

Blue peplum top – Savida, in Dunne’s Stores (its from last spring/summer, so prob not available anymore)

Jeans – Mos Mosh bought in Kilkenny Shop on Nassau St (they’re super stretchy, and go by waist size rather than ‘size’)

Shoes – aka the torture devices are from New Look (they were on sale – buy one get one free, so the fact that I had to take them off during dinner explains why they were on sale!)

Bag I forgot to take a pic of, but it’s the quilted leather cross body from Primp & Style and I am obsessed with it.

‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 01/04/2019

So today the weather is utterly meh – there really is no other word for it; it’s cold & gloomy, and grey. Meh!

So I am trying to hurry up proper spring time weather by wearing bright colours, like these ones!

Blouse / top – Penneys

Yellow cardigan – Oasis (is a few years old, but you will prob get something similar in Dunne’s Stores / H&M or even Penneys)

Basic black trousers – Dunne’s Stores (these are literally the most basic trousers you can get – straight leg, pockets… and €25!)

Yellow shoes – Penneys (although they’ve cut my heel on the first wear, so try to break them in before wearing them properly!)

‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 31/03/19

Today is Mother’s Day so treating the Ma to brunch was in order – it was more breakfast as our reservation was for 9.30am so my parents could make a lunch time flight, but sure……

Khaki Utility Dress – H&M

Grey Plimsoles – Penneys

Green Satchel – Zatchels

Brunch was in Gourmet Food Parlour if anyone was wondering – really delicious, and staff were very helpful!

Dress sizing is actually really good – I bought my usual size, and it closes over the boobs but the size & placement of the pockets gave me a matronly look so I wore it open. The belt doesn’t stay tight so I just tied it in a knot, and there was a lot of excess fabric at the waist (not harm, really!). The fabric wrinkles really easily so wearing when you’ll be sitting for a long period isn’t so good, and there are no pockets. Honestly devastated* about that.

‘Til next time……

* extreme word to use, but I love a bit of drama….

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Outfit of the day 23/3/19

Now that I’m in one of those Monday to Friday jobs (after 18 years of retail and hospitality, I’m allowed!!) Saturdays are now spent doing nice things – yipeeee! After working in the fashion department of a large multi Irish store, my love of fashion has been reignited. Yes, I haven’t posted in forever, but I was living and breathing the brands!

Today I was having a bit of me time (after walking the dogs, and doing a food shop like the good adult I am!); so I went and got my nails and eye brows done in Zinc.

Look of the day;

Tweed look cape from River Island (bought on sale for €35, down from €90)

Long sleeve top from Jack Wills (bought in Kildare Village a good while ago, so I don’t know if they’re still available)

Jeans from Mos Mosh – think the style is Naomi(?), they’re super stretchy so I fit into a 31″ waist and am a size UK 16. I bought mine from Kilkenny Shop.

Flats are ancient, and from H&M

Bag is one of my favourite to use, and is from Primp & Style. Really want to buy it in every colour!! Anyone want to buy another for me?!

Sunnies are from Powder, and again bought in Kilkenny Shop.

‘Til next time……

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Orange obsession

I work with clothes all day, every day. Look at them, talk about them, create outfits. All day. And I love it.


However I have to wear black, all black – or current season stock (which usually doesn’t happen due to cash flow, or the fact that minimal appropriate clothing comes in in my size) – and closed toe shoes (health & safety, totally understand even though I’ve been cursing that rule during this heat wave). So when I’m on a day off & actually doing something I tend to go a bit mental!

For example; today was a family party to celebrate my cousins marriage (he got married abroad, and most couldn’t go), and it was a garden party. By garden party I mean that it was a party that happened to be in someone’s garden (read; on their patio) – I’m not that posh! So with the weather still being sound – dry & warm – I knew that it was the best chance to pull this beauty out of the wardrobe.

Orange Utility Dress – Eva Kayan (bought on sale in Kilkenny Shop)

Leopard print ballet flats – Penneys (Primark outside Ireland)

Bag – Marc Jacobs

Blue floor – probably artistic selection for location

So there ya have it. I like colours (ALL THE COLOURS!!) and an opportunity to wear completely unsupportive but oh so pretty shoes!

Also, my sister bought these super cute earrings for me as a surprise – she had bought a pair for herself and I’d been eyeing them up.

‘Til next time……

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Glorious Green

I was a guest at one of my best friends’ weddings yesterday so took full advantage of the opportunity to go full glam.

Outfit details;

Dress – Phase Eight (bought in the Debenhams summer sale)

Shoes – Dunne’s Stores (€15!!!)

Rose gold bag – Penney’s (Primark, €4)

Wedding was in Farnham Estate in Co Cavan and was a beautiful location. Stunning grounds, fabulous hotel (our room was MASSIVE!) and really delicious food!

All in all, a brilliant wedding!

‘Til next time……

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Dry Shampoo Deliberations

I am a huge fan (huge, massive!) of dry shampoo. As someone who’s hair looks dirty on the day it’s been washed, and someone who is incredibly lazy and hates washing her hair every day (lets be honest!) they have been an absolute life saver. However some of them are far superior than others.

Before we get stuck in these are products that work/ don’t work for me. May work/not work for everyone.

My hair is fine in texture, but I have lots of it. And it gets oily very very easily – putting it behind my ears, smoothing, etc.

Boots own brand dry shampoo

Really reasonable price, nice smell but utterly useless on my hair. Does not blend properly and I was always left with white patches. Have resigned it to being my last resort. Would give it a 2/10.

Co Lab Dry Shampoo

This is a really good product. Lovely light texture, gave my hair a nice velvety feel, and minimal white before you rub it in- despite the contrary declaration on the can. It’s priced decently too ( around a fiver?). Only down fall is it isn’t quite heavy hitting enough for my hair, felt like I needed another blast if I was going anywhere in the everning. However is absolutely perfect for a freshen up (or preventative) before a night out. Would give it 7/10.

Aussie dry shampoo

Yes I know I reviewed a variant of this brand before but this is the big daddy of dry shampoo. This particular one is amazing, and my absolute go to. There is a lot of white when it’s sprayed, BUT it blends really really easily on. Hair has a good bit of texture and definitely has more volume (a win for my baby hair!). When brushing it out after you can deffo feel the texture. It’s so heavy hitting if you need to go for a second day of dry shampoo (I’m a docile for it so won’t judge) you barely need to top up. Downfall would be the price (around 6/7 Euro) and the fact that it’s not available everywhere. However Boots always seem to have a 3 for 2 or a 2 for €10 special on so I bulk buy then! Would give 9/10 for the price & availability.

The favourite still is Herbal Essences but I can’t seem to be able to get it anywhere anymore. Boo.

Also, I have been known to use talc as a stand in when I run out of dry shampoo – works just as well. I have light brown / dark blond hair – not sure if it would work on darker hair.

So there ya have it. If anyone else has a favourite dry shampoo they think I should try – pop it into the comments!!

‘Til next time……

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