Orange obsession

I work with clothes all day, every day. Look at them, talk about them, create outfits. All day. And I love it.


However I have to wear black, all black – or current season stock (which usually doesn’t happen due to cash flow, or the fact that minimal appropriate clothing comes in in my size) – and closed toe shoes (health & safety, totally understand even though I’ve been cursing that rule during this heat wave). So when I’m on a day off & actually doing something I tend to go a bit mental!

For example; today was a family party to celebrate my cousins marriage (he got married abroad, and most couldn’t go), and it was a garden party. By garden party I mean that it was a party that happened to be in someone’s garden (read; on their patio) – I’m not that posh! So with the weather still being sound – dry & warm – I knew that it was the best chance to pull this beauty out of the wardrobe.

Orange Utility Dress – Eva Kayan (bought on sale in Kilkenny Shop)

Leopard print ballet flats – Penneys (Primark outside Ireland)

Bag – Marc Jacobs

Blue floor – probably artistic selection for location

So there ya have it. I like colours (ALL THE COLOURS!!) and an opportunity to wear completely unsupportive but oh so pretty shoes!

Also, my sister bought these super cute earrings for me as a surprise – she had bought a pair for herself and I’d been eyeing them up.

‘Til next time……

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Glorious Green

I was a guest at one of my best friends’ weddings yesterday so took full advantage of the opportunity to go full glam.

Outfit details;

Dress – Phase Eight (bought in the Debenhams summer sale)

Shoes – Dunne’s Stores (€15!!!)

Rose gold bag – Penney’s (Primark, €4)

Wedding was in Farnham Estate in Co Cavan and was a beautiful location. Stunning grounds, fabulous hotel (our room was MASSIVE!) and really delicious food!

All in all, a brilliant wedding!

‘Til next time……

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Dry Shampoo Deliberations

I am a huge fan (huge, massive!) of dry shampoo. As someone who’s hair looks dirty on the day it’s been washed, and someone who is incredibly lazy and hates washing her hair every day (lets be honest!) they have been an absolute life saver. However some of them are far superior than others.

Before we get stuck in these are products that work/ don’t work for me. May work/not work for everyone.

My hair is fine in texture, but I have lots of it. And it gets oily very very easily – putting it behind my ears, smoothing, etc.

Boots own brand dry shampoo

Really reasonable price, nice smell but utterly useless on my hair. Does not blend properly and I was always left with white patches. Have resigned it to being my last resort. Would give it a 2/10.

Co Lab Dry Shampoo

This is a really good product. Lovely light texture, gave my hair a nice velvety feel, and minimal white before you rub it in- despite the contrary declaration on the can. It’s priced decently too ( around a fiver?). Only down fall is it isn’t quite heavy hitting enough for my hair, felt like I needed another blast if I was going anywhere in the everning. However is absolutely perfect for a freshen up (or preventative) before a night out. Would give it 7/10.

Aussie dry shampoo

Yes I know I reviewed a variant of this brand before but this is the big daddy of dry shampoo. This particular one is amazing, and my absolute go to. There is a lot of white when it’s sprayed, BUT it blends really really easily on. Hair has a good bit of texture and definitely has more volume (a win for my baby hair!). When brushing it out after you can deffo feel the texture. It’s so heavy hitting if you need to go for a second day of dry shampoo (I’m a docile for it so won’t judge) you barely need to top up. Downfall would be the price (around 6/7 Euro) and the fact that it’s not available everywhere. However Boots always seem to have a 3 for 2 or a 2 for €10 special on so I bulk buy then! Would give 9/10 for the price & availability.

The favourite still is Herbal Essences but I can’t seem to be able to get it anywhere anymore. Boo.

Also, I have been known to use talc as a stand in when I run out of dry shampoo – works just as well. I have light brown / dark blond hair – not sure if it would work on darker hair.

So there ya have it. If anyone else has a favourite dry shampoo they think I should try – pop it into the comments!!

‘Til next time……

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Facial Fabulousness

I thought this had posted back in March but it is now showing as failed. Awesome.

I went for my first facial since before the wedding today in Zinc Hair & Beauty. As I have been going there for a few years, and they did all my prep for the wedding (and the wedding hair & make up) I knew I’d be in good hands once again.

They have just launched a new facial system from Dermologica – the “Ionic Powder Treatment” – so I was looking forward to getting a good cleanse of my skin done. Especially since their special offer for March was the facial with a back massage for €70. With the complete relaxation of the regime (& diet) after the wedding, combined with sun exposure on our honeymoon my skin was definitely suffering.

My treatment was a combination of age sign fighting and cleansing treatments, with some really clear advise of how to manage my skin over the next few days.

I am really looking forward to seeing the results after a few days and will absolutely be keeping up the treatments!

‘Til next time……

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Honeymoon Happiness

We are just back from our honeymoon (we gave ourselves a few months after the wedding to unwind and really look forward to it – also, getting past Christmas beforehand was always gonna be a wise move!)

We went to St Lucia, after annoying the poor team in Trailfinders forever, and after some small hiccups chose the fabulous resort of Coconut Bay Beach.

After the 9hour flight from London we arrived to delicious 28degree heat (after leaving the snow in Dublin & London it was very welcome!!) and we were quickly in our resort – it is less than 5 minutes from the airport ( but we didn’t see more that 2 planes in 2 days, so it’s not in the main flight route). The team there greeted us with delicious cocktails and hot towels for our check in.

We had previously requested the adult only Harmony section of the resort and our room did not disappoint. Very comfortable beds, a large spacious room and a decent (if somewhat basic) bathroom.

(The view from our room on the evening we arrived)

Straight to the food (the most important!)

The resort has a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast is tasty, and offers a very large selection of western foods (pancakes, omelettes, waffles etc) as well as some delicious and local fresh fruits. Lunch we found to be under-whelming, and didn’t eat it there more than twice; we tended to eat from the Jerk Treehouse or Flip Flops. Dinner in the buffet was usually quite good – there were always loads of delicious fresh salads, different meats and fish (keeping S happy) and a counter with ribs / a roast lamb / etc which was good, while we were never blown away with flavours; it always was tasty.

In the resort there are 4 reservation only restaurants for dinner – Silk (Asian), Calabash (Caribbean), the Veranda (for the overflow from Calabash, with the same menu) and Capri (Italian).

We ate in Veranda during our first week, and were really looking forward to some authentic Caribbean food. What we were offered was a standard restaurant menu (surf & turf etc). The food was very tasty, but not what we were hoping for. What also lessened the experience was the fact that we were seated, and then ignored for nearly 30mins. A couple were seated after us, orders taken, and they seemed to have also gotten some sort of amuse bouche that we never got. Maybe they were on a different package to us, but still. There seemed to be too many, and yet not enough, staff on the section so that may have caused the confusion.

After the not so satisfactory experience in the Caribbean restaurant, we decided to give the Asian a miss but decided to try Capri a try during our second week – we always seemed to miss the window to make reservations on the day we wanted. Honestly it was so delicious, we wanted to eat there a second time for our last night but it was closed due to an event that was happening. I would highly recommend the Caesar salad (basic I know!) and S got delicious Mahi Mahi.

There is a dress code in all of the reservations of smart resort wear (chinos, collared shirts (no sports clothing) and closed toe shoes for men). S tended to wear chinos / chino shorts, deck shoes and either a shirt or a polo. I made a bit more of an effort on those nights with outfits like below;

All in all, we had a fabulous time, the staff were so friendly, they always had time for a joke & a chat – and always remembered you (we were the only Irish in the place, so that may have worked in our favour). I would recommend setting aside some money in the budget to do some of the tours. We only managed to to the Whale & Dolphins watching in our second week, and while we didn’t actually see any it was worth it so we could see some more of the island outside the resort.

We are already hoping to get back in a couple of years (once we’ve saved back up again!)

So in the meantime, I’ll have my memories

‘Til next time……

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(Studio by) Preen Purchase

I bought this online in the Debenhams sale – was having a shitty day in work and retail therapy always helps – especially when it works out! 
It’s Studio by Preen, really really well made (hidden buttons, fits across the chest, perfect sizing, comes with a slip), has pockets (the most importants factor – so important I’m thinking about getting them put into my wedding dress!) and is on sale – I bought it at €30, reduced from €100. Can’t wait to wear it – after I give it a good iron anyway! 

Please excuse the bathroom selfie -we’re still in the middle of a build so not many spaces without boxes at the moment! 
The dress is knee length on me, and I’m 5foot10.
‘Til next time……

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Wedding prep…

So following my theme/ habit of a lifetime where I like to make things difficult, I am trying to extend my house and plan a wedding at the same time. Now in my defence, the application for remortgage went in last September (and the build started 4 weeks ago) – and we’re still fighting with the bank…….the less said on that the better because the rage that will follow is not something I wish to inflict on you lovely people! 
Planning a wedding! Yay!

I am lucky that I worked as a wedding coordinator for two very busy hotels, so I was able to know who I wanted straight off the bat & what type of wedding we would want. 
Things I learned as a wedding co-ordinator;

1 Your photographer is incredibly important, and prob the second booking you need to make (after your venue of course) as soon as you book your date. This person will be there from the prep to the 1st dance, catching all those special glances and moments. They need to be invisible and as stealthy as a cat but still smack bang in the middle so they catch the bold face a page boy pulls or the slight trip by the bride as she walks up the aisle – we all know this will be me! So do the research, take the time to look at style, and talk to them! Because if you can’t have the craic with them those smiles will always look forced! 

Two photographers I worked with loads were Elaine Barker and Alan Dunne, and would highly recommend both. 

2 It’s your day. Repeat after me. It’s your day. When the “suggestions” become overwhelming, let that become your mantra – but don’t slip into tyrant territory! No one wants to be the absolute horror story of a bride / groom that becomes the urban legend. So make the day you want, because you’re spending a fortune on it, you’d better enjoy it!  

3 Do not buy your wedding outfit with the expectation you will lose weight. You might. You might not. But you are marrying the person who loves you, warts & all. So don’t put yourself under that level of pressure. Planning a wedding is tough enough without being hangry all the time. Wear whatever makes you feel sensational! 

4 All anyone cares about it the food and the fun (usually influenced by the amount of drink!) so if you need to decide between favours for everyone or giving them all an extra glass of wine – pick wine. Always pick wine! Of course there will be oohs & aahs over the lovely room – because of course the venue you picked is fabulous! – but if the food is meh…yeah, you don’t want that. 

5 Enjoy it! You are embarking on a fun adventure with the person you love, and that’s all that’s important! 

So yeah, there we are! 
‘Til next time……

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Birthday splurges

So as a birthday present to myself I bought myself two treats in the airport. Yves Saint Laurent mascara & Chanel lipstick. Have come to the realisation that spending a little more on products is much better for my skin! 

The mascara is ‘Faux Cils’ in waterproof black and it is AMAZING!! The brush looks a bit shit, esp compared to some high street brands, but it gives me insanely long lashes! I have quite long lashes anyway, but this is unreal!!! No need for falsies at all! 


(Please excuse the eyebrows – they are due a tidy in the beauticians – and the startled expression!)
I also bought this Chanel lippy. It’s a lovely subtle pink, and moisturises the lips with a lovely rose scent. The fact that it’s a stilo means that it is idiot proof for application which is also a win!! 

So there be my splurges!! 
‘Til next time……

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Penneys perfection

So I nipped over to the new Penneys store in Liffey Valley earlier today – forgetting it was Sunday and there would be people there…  But it is amazing!! Huge stock levels (second only to Mary St, and I always feel over whelmed in that store;never know where to start!) and loads of floor staff to help with any queries you have! 
I picked up these two shirts for work (€9 each!), and am only delira with them! They’ve a lovely cotton softness to them and are a good fit (longish on the body & sleeves, and no real gaping at the buttons!). 

( I was taking a picture of the print, and Cpt Needy Pants wanted to be involved too) 

Khaki, stars, blue and polka dots! Perfection!! 

Also! Penneys have started (or maybe I never knew they did them already) doing a range of bras for D-F cups. I bought 3. All are a perfect fit, super comfy and are €6/€8 each!!  
Thanks Hun, Penneys!! 
‘Til next time……

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Dermalogica Facial

I went to my local beautician’s (Zinc Hair & Beauty) today for a Dermalogica facial today – all the poor food choice over the last few months were really showing on my skin.
Tanya worked her magic (and massaged the stress out of shoulders) and my skin already looks so much better! Determined to get one every six weeks (and eat healthily drinking lots of water) and am looking forward to seeing the improvements! 

I also invested in the take home kit to keep up the maintenance! 

‘Til next time……

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